Cellular Telephones

The use of mobile devices for voice communication is permitted only in the Telephone Booth (19th Hole Foyer), Communication Centres (located in the Locker Rooms), Business Centres (3 on the Bedroom Floor) or in a  vehicle. The use of mobile devices for e-mailing and texting is permitted in the foregoing areas in the Locker Rooms. For emergency purposes only, you may carry your cellular on the Courses in the OFF mode. In case of an emergency, call 514-232-0238 or the Club Receptionist at 514-626-3977.

Speed of Play

The standard is a maximum of four hours for a four-ball game and a maximum of three and a half hours for a 2 or 3-ball game. Please keep pace with the group ahead of you.


Always be ready to play your shot. In social play, adopt the rule of “hit when ready”, having due regard for your fellow players’ safety. On the green, line up your putt while the others are putting. Mark your scorecard on the next tee.

Divots, Pitch Marks and Bunkers

Naturally, we expect all players to replace divots or apply soil and seed, repair pitch marks on the greens and rake the bunkers after playing their shots.

Lost Balls

If adversity strikes and you need time to find your ball, do not hesitate to signal the group behind to play through.

Cart Regulations

Hand Carts must never be pulled between bunkers and greens.

Power Carts - No cart may be driven on any part of the slope of any green and must remain on the cart path beside all greens and tees. Avoid, as much as possible, driving in soft ground or in the wheel marks of other carts, particularly in the first cut of rough where the grass becomes matted down. Exit only at the side of the green indicated by a green exit post.


Your observance of the foregoing regulations and courtesies is respectfully requested.